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21st Century Toys makes this great Figurine of Virgil Hilts (The Great Escape)
on a highly detailed motorbike.

It is a 1:6 scale model.

Virgil Hilts on the German Motorbike
Virgil Hilts on the German Motorbike
Detailed Engine
Detailed Sidebag
Variant Hand, Gun etc
Variant Hand with Catchers Mitt, 
Gun and Baseball.
Steve McQueen is perhaps best known for his portrayal of the "Cooler King", Captain Virgil Hilts, from the 1963 WW2 P.O.W. epic, The Great Escape. Now you can own your own miniature Hilts. This is a 12" tall, fully-articulated action figure. It comes with a leather jacket , baseball glove (on a variant hand), and ball, and a variant head. The bike is highly detailed, even including a side bag with a lock!