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American celebrity toy figurine manufacturer Toys McCoy's Japanese showroom boasts an impressive
life-size Steve McQueen greeting customers outside the door.

Life size Steve McQueen doll Toys McCoy produce super high quality
1/6th scale figurines of famous movie
characters and real life celebrities.

They make 4 different McQueen figurines
(all of which are approx 12 Inches high).

These figurines can be found on ebay.

Josh Randall from Wanted: Dead or Alive.
Comes with a M92 Winchester rifle, precision tooled bullits, handmade leather holster, tailored outfit, boots, cowboy hat and display stand.
(sold out in 1997).
The White Suede Jacket is sold seperately (ONLY 750 PRODUCED). The Horse is also sold seperately.
Close Up - In Box
Josh Randall Figurine.  
Head Shot.
Randall with horse
Figurines of Josh Randall and Horse.
White Suede jacket.
White Suede Jacket 
in special wooden box.
Various Individual Items.
Randall Figurine & 
Gunbelt, Rifle, Boots and Hat.
Vergil Hilts from The Great escape.
Comes with a catcher's mitt and baseball on variant hands. The Jacket is sold seperately (ONLY 750 PRODUCED).
Hilts - Close Up
Virgil Hilts - Close Up.
Figurine of Virgil Hilts.
Leather Jacket
Hilts Leather Jacket.
Variant Hands
Variant Hands, with Catchers Mitt and Baseball.
Steve McQueen LEGEND Collection. Junior Bonner from Junior Bonner
There have been 2 releases of this model.
Release 1 featured: Lee Riders 101J Denim Jacket, Lee Riders 101J Denim Jeans, Original Straw Hat, Wrangler 27MW Denim Shirts, Western Boots, and McQueen Buckle. Release 2 features: Exclusive 'limited' 1/6 Lee Bandanna. Exclusive new Wrangler Western Shirt, new silver colored Lee Riders 101z (Mcqueen Buckle) The special new Wrangler Western Shirt and new silver colored Buckle are different and better quality than the earlier release. Toys McCoy specially produced this SPECIAL EDITION to produce a closer image of Steve than the earlier release. It also uses a better and more articulate body.
Release 1
Junior Bonner Figurine & Box Art.
Release 1 - In Box
Junior Bonner & Western Hat.  
In Box.
Release 2 - Close Up
Junior Bonner Figurine.  
Head Shot.  Release v2.
Release 2
Junior Bonner Figurine.  
Release v2.
Ralph "Papa" Thorson from The Hunter.
Papa Thorsen Figurine.
Head shot.
Papa with gun
Papa Figurine, with Gun.
Jacket and Sneakers
Jacket and Sneakers.