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Tom Horn

DVD is the best option for this movie.
It is presented in the film's Original Aspect Ratio of 2.35:1 and is 16/9 Enhanced for Widescreen TV's.

Features the film's Original Theatrical Trailer.
As Part Of Box Set
The Story.
McQueen plays 'real life' bounty hunter Tom Horn.
Fresh out of the wilds of the west, Horn, an experienced 'Rough Rider' under Teddy Roosevelt, and agent for the Pinkertons, enters newly civilised Wyoming territory. He is soon hired by the local cattlemans federation to rid the area of cattle thieves, and given the mandate to do 'whatever it takes' with their approval, and the approval of the local 'law', in the form of US Marshall Joe Belle, (a man with his own violent past).
A deadly accurate shot...
steve mcqueenHe tries to take a peaceful approach to his job, but when the local criminal elements turn violent on him, they unleash a devastating whirlwind of gunplay and death from a man who has lived his life in the most exteme and dangerous elements of the west. We are shocked and overwhealmed by the brutality of Horn's actions, as they escalate to a public killing in the streets of the town which has hired him to do it's dirty work. The locals don't like seeing what there dollar is paying for, and this leads to the films powerful second half. The attempt to destroy Horn. This second half is compelling and painful to watch, as we see a man who has no grasp of the civilisation he has helped to create, railroaded by it towards his almost certain death.
McQueen and Linda Evans.
steve mcqueen and linda evans The action scenes in this movie are extemely powerful, and the build in violent tension is brilliantly done, all the while never falling into the trap of glamourising itself. Stuntwork with horses is also brilliant. McQueen's own horsemanship skills are seen at their finest in this film, as we see him riding and shooting, and even 'backing' a horse out of a confrontation, so that he can keep his eyes on his opponents. The film is given depth and emotional resonance through Horn's romance with the local school teacher (played by Linda Evans), and his friendship with local cattleman John C Coble (played by Richard Farnsworth).
An Unrealised Epic
Tom Horn was originally intended to be much more epic in scope, and in a recent interview James Coburn said that he believed Tom Horn would have been McQueen's finest film, had McQueen's vision been released.

Unfortunately McQueen's true vision never got released, because the production company pulled the budget out from under him, and butchered the film in the editing room.

We see clear hint's of the storyline being rushed or compacted, particularly early on in the film's first scenes, but once the story gets going, in spite of this, it still manages to be extremely compelling. Nonetheless, we are left wondering, IF McQueen's version had been made, how much greater and richer a film it would have been.

The film has excellent performances by all players