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The Cincinnati Kid.
Best option is VHS, Laser Disk and DVD.
VHS and Laser Disk are Full Screen 4/3.
DVD is 1.85 to 1 and 16/9 Enhanced, which is the Correct Aspect Ratio.
However VHS and Laser Disk offer the Original Cut - wheras the DVD has a new alternate ending scene.
As Part Of Box Set
DVD Special Features include:

Commentary by director Norman Jewison.

Scene specific commentary with David Foley and Phil Gordon, the hosts of Bravo’s Celebrity Poker Showdown.

Archival featurette The Cincinnati Kid Plays According to Hoyle.

Original Theatrical Trailer.

The Cincinnati Kid is an atmosphere soaked psychological drama which stars Steve McQueen in one of his best screen performances. Backed up masterfully by Edward G Robinson, Karl Malden, Ann-Margret and Tuesday Weld.
The Story
This is a film set around a poker game. But it is not really a 'poker' film. It is an exploration of a young man's desire to reach the top in his chosen field, and the way that effects his relationships with those around him. All set within the world of high stakes gambling and poker.

The Kid (played by McQueen) is the latest 'five card stud' poker playing sensation on the gambling scene, and he has the chance to topple aging and veteran poker legend Lancey Howard (played by Edward G Robinson) in a long anticipated poker game.

Christian and The Kid
The story explores the lead up to the big game, and it's effects on the Kid's relationship with his sweet hearted girlfriend, Christian (played by Tuesday Weld).

It also explores his relationship with his best friend Shooter, (played by Malden). Shooter is a highly repected and principled card dealer, who will by virtue of his good reputation be the dealer in the big game. Shooter's ethics come under pressure when powerful and corrupt third parties decide that they want to 'influence' the outcome of the game via his dealing skills.
Melba tries to seduce The Kid.
Complicating this already fragile situation is Shooter's lustful wife Melba (played by the beautiful Ann-Margret).

Melba has her romantic intentions set on The Kid, thus threatening his relationship with Christian, and his friendship with Shooter.
The stakes are high, and tensions run high...
Tension mounts as the game begins. It lasts for days, and as the psychological chips fall into and out of place, we ask ourselves will The Kid win or lose the game, and at the same time, will he win or lose those who love him?