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The Dune Buggy from The Thomas Crown Affair

Steve McQueen on the Dune Buggy:

Crown Lives at the beach, and he has a Sand Dune Buggy. I helped them design it, so I'm kind of proud of that.

What it is, it's set on a Volkswagen chassis, with great old wide weenies - big wide tires on it with mag wheels. Corvair engine stuffed in the back, and a semi reclining position, somewhat like my formula 1 car.

It's very light, you know, I think we are around about 230 horses, and the vehicle weighs about 1000 pounds.

All the Dune Buggy stunts seen in the film were done by Steve, and actress Faye Dunaway bravely sat in the passenger seat by Steve's side.

Watch a behind the scenes video HERE.
Steve and Faye in the Buggy
Steve and Faye in the Buggy