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Smaller Scale Model '68 Bullitt Mustangs

Revell 1:25 Scale kit model
Revell Mustang model - KIT Version
Revell 1:25 Scale (pre-built)
Revell Mustang model & Figurine
Corgi 1:36 Scale
Corgi Mustang model & Figurine

Revell-Monogram, Corgi, Minichamps, Brooklin & RC

The approx 10 inch long 1:25 Revell model is a build it yourself kit. It has a metal body and metal axles. The body is prepainted dark green. The rest of the model is constructed with plastic parts. It has easy snap glue assembly (comes with one tube of cement). Also features a realistic silver exhaust system, opening hood with highly detailed engine, authentically molded seats and wheels with Goodyear treaded tires.

There is also another 1:25 Revell (prebuilt) model with includes a Frank Bullitt figurine and opening hood (trunk does not open).

The approx 6 inch long die-cast 1:36 Corgi also warrants special note because it comes with with a hand-painted resin figure of Steve McQueen's character Frank Bullitt. Corgi is no longer producing these models and they are highly collectable.

Then there is the 1:43 Minichamps model. (No Opening Parts). 4 inches long.

The limited addition (run of 250) 1:43 Brooklin model, which has a figurine of Frank Bullitt in the seat. This was release in 1994 to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of the Brooklin Models Club of Germany.

The 1:64 Racing Champions model is actually made from RC's '68 Shelby casting with a different hood and revised tail-lights. The tail-lights have been given excessive chrome trim to try and alter the Shelby casting and hide the rear spoiler (thanks to Dave Weber from for that info). It features an opening hood and trunk, and the interior is black. Die Cast construction.

And last but not least the tiny 1:64 Revell model, which features an opening hood, and is a superior model to the previously mentioned RC in terms of accuracy. The two can be seen side by side below.

Minichamps 1:43 Scale
Minichamps Mustang model
Brooklin 1:43 Scale
Brooklin Mustang model
Racing Champions 1:64 (Shelby mod)
RC Mustang model
Revell 1:64 Scale
Revell 1:64 Scale Mustang model
Revell 1:64 Scale (with open hood)
Revell 1:64 Scale Mustang model - Open Hood