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Steve McQueen - French Text
This French bio by François Guérif was published in 1978, and an updated version was released in 2001 . Both versions have different covers and the 2001 release contains new photos which are not in the 1978 release. The photos in the 2001 version are also of much higher quality. The text is quite similar in the two versions but the 2001 version relates post-1978 events like the failure of An Enemy Of The People, Tom Horn, The Hunter and of course the death of McQueen.

The bio is mainly centered on the actor and his movies. There is very little information about Steve's private life (only his youth as a rebel is commented upon). The author did not do any interviews to write his book, but utilised a broad range of US and French press articles on McQueen or people who knew and/or worked with him to build the topics.

Working as a critic, he widely gives his own comments and opinions for each movie, but writes only with an artistic point of view and does not go into financial aspects of production like the other US bio's do. Baby The Rain Must Fall is curiously the author's favorite movie because he thinks that the character really corresponds to McQueen.

The book gives a complete list of the episodes of Wanted: Dead or Alive which aired on French TV, along with the dates of first releases. US box-office from "Variety" and French box-office from "Film Français" is also reported to give an idea of the success or unsuccess of McQueen's movies . At the end of the book he gives a complete filmography.
1978 Version
2001 Version
Reviewed by Daniel Smague.