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McQueen's Shelby Cobra 289 Roadster

Basically a lightweight English sports car frame with a big American Ford V8 engine under the bonnet, the Shelby motorcar company claimed to have created the fastest production car in the world. Capable of speeds of up to 140 miles per hour, there would be less than 1000 surviving Cobras in the world today (as of 2006) and they fetch up to US $1 million dollars when sold.

In the picture to the right (taken in June of 1963) we see Steve and the car's designer Carroll Shelby looking over the Cobra. Steve soon took possession of one, and the car has since been strongly identified with him in both photography and literature.

McQueen fan and car enthusiast Ian Allison did a bit of research on the McQueen/Shelby connection and came up with some major news, which he got from an "inside source" at the Cobra Registry. Here's what the source had to say:
Steve and Carroll Shelby with the Cobra
An amusing but true fact is that Steve McQueen never actually owned a Cobra. Carroll Shelby did lend him one for a period of time, and that car was CSX 2174. Unfortunately that particular car has a somewhat checkered history, having been damaged/ rebuilt/ replicated, etc and now there are two cars running around with that VIN (vehicle identification number), neither of which has its original VIN-stamping in the chassis any more. So yes we do know what happened to the one car we know McQueen drove, but that's about all we can say about it.
Special thanks to Ian Allison for providing the invaluable information in this article.