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Steve's Santa Paula Airport hangar (2007)
Major McQueen fan Mitch Carter recently took a trip out to Santa Paula and stopped by the local airport to visit the airplane hangar where Steve and Barbara Minty lived for a period of time and also housed their airplanes in the late 70's through to 1980. Pics of Steve around the hangar and the airport recently recieved a lot of attention when they were published in Barbara's photo-book, Steve McQueen: The Last Mile.

Mitch sent in these great pics that he took during his visit and also shared his feelings on visiting Steve's old hangar:

"It was really interesting, being there, thinking of the pics in Barbara's book and knowing Steve had slept there, woke up there, hosed down the concrete, had his coffee, hung out with the guys out front drinking beer, learned to fly...very cool."

Click the small pictures to enlarge

Mitch standing outside of Steve's hanger

Mitch standing outside of Steve's hanger
A view of the airport, looking back
towards it from Steve's point of view