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The Porsche 917K from Le Mans

For the filming of Le Mans Steve was committed to creating the most realistic car racing movie ever. He insisted on doing his own driving and also driving the cars at true speed (no fake camera tricks to make them look faster). On the speeds at which he was driving the 917, Steve told John Skow from Playboy Magazine: It's capable of 240 - but I don't take it up to full chat. Most times I'm hitting 225 or so.

For the famous crash scene in which the Porsche 917 is demolished as it bounces from rail to rail hurtling out of control along the track, a remote controlled vehicle was used. Approximately 13 film cameras were set up for this stunt, and in the documentary Filming at Speed director Lee Katzin observed with great pleasure: It hit hit every mark on every camera.
Steve driving the Porsche 'at speed'
The Porsche Crash Scene