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Movie Posters

Original Movie Posters are the artwork used to advertise a film in or outside a cinema during it's release. They come in many different shapes and sizes.

The most popular large posters are US One Sheets, which measure approx 27 by 41 inches. These have plenty of space for art work, and can be beautiful to look at and collect, but the average person does not have room to display more than a few. Another popular larger poster is the US Half Sheet, which measures 22 by 28 inches horizontally and is more practical for display purposes, or there is also the US Insert which measures 14 by 36 inches vertically and again is more practical for display purposes.

Although not produced anymore in the US (some other countries still issue them), even smaller posters called Lobby Cards (approx 11 by 22 inches) were once displayed, as the name suggests, in Cinema Lobbies. Lobby Cards usually came in sets of eight, each depicting scenes from the film. There are Lobby Card sets for all of Steve's films.

Listing and providing pictures of all the Steve McQueen movie posters (for the US versions alone) is a mammoth task, and rather than try to imitate the work that serious McQueen fan Roger Harris has already put in place, here below are links to his own personal movie poster site.

*HERE* is Roger's gallery of larger style posters.

And *HERE* is his gallery of smaller Lobby Cards.

Original Movie Posters are highy collectable, and some McQueen titles go for over a Thousand dollars. Other 'lesser' titles can be purchased for around Thirty dollars. Obviously the more popular the film, the more expensive the posters. Condition and rarity of the poster is also a big factor in it's value.

A word of warning for the beginner collector.... There are lots of sharks, particularly on ebay, selling FAKES (copies, repro's etc) as Originals, so don't just jump in the deep end or spend BIG money on your first purchase, unless you are absolutely certain of what you are doing. A little bit of research is recommended.

Now if you love the art but don't want to buy the more expensive *original* poster, you can always buy a cheaper, and if you like, smaller, reproduction print. Some of the the benefits of reproduction posters are that they are generally more affordable and in *new* condition.