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Recommended Steve McQueen Websites

Official McQueen SiteThe Official
Steve McQueen Website
The Official Websites of
Neile McQueen Toffel (aka Neile Adams) and Steve McQueen. ---
Roger Harris's amazing Steve McQueen
Film Poster Site
displays an excellent range of US and
International posters.
Chris Lambos's excellent Fan Site, which was also
The First Steve McQueen Site
features lots of useful information on Collectables
and also a fun McQueen Trivia section.
Crispin Garcia's brilliant and extensive site about
The Sand Pebbles
Starring Steve McQueen.
This great site from
features an interview with Steve's daughter Terry.
This nice little site from
The Netherlands
features high quality images of DVD and VHS covers,
as well as a few posters.
Visit the Chateau Lornay and the Chateau de Segrais.
Don J Whistance
takes you on a photographic tour of the residences
used by the McQueen's during the filming of Le Mans.
This great website from
has lots of pics of Japanese McQueen books, magazines, and Toys McCoy dolls.
Another great new
French Site
featuring lots of info and some rare pics.
A Great NEW fansite from
features Info, Photos and a Chatroom.
This is THE site to see if you want to know more about
The Bullitt Cars
Think you know a bit about Steve McQueen?
Then take Daniel Smague's online
SMQ quiz
Ted Strong says Steve McQueen is
The Man
Mini Bio, Ted's Top 10, Filmography and Original Art.
Dave Kaeser's Yahoo Chat Group
Steve McQueen
A great place to talk with other McQueen fans.
Visit Arjen van der Lely's
The Towering Inferno
Archive. An extensive and exceptional fan tribute.
McQueen Inspired
Visit Michael Manning's Annual Online
Steve McQueen Film Festival
that takes place every March at
Gregory's Steve McQueen
VIP Blog
features LOTS of pictures from a French fan.
WorldWideWeb Friends of McQueenOnline
Humphrey Bogart fansite and forum
Bogie Online
Remembering the Golden Age of Hollywood
Celebrating Films of the 1960s and 1970s.
Visit French Blogger and McQueen fan
Talk about music, everything and anything!
Celebrity News and Movie Reviews at
Check Out Lea Frydman's amazing tribute to
Elvis Presley
Starting with - his motorbikes.
Find Famous People Fast at