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The Scale Model '68 Bullitt Mustangs


It is interesting to compare the two 1:18 BIG GUNS of the scale model world, the ERTL and the AUTOart, because each car has accuracies and inaccuracies when compared to the movie car.

On first look the AUTOart seems more accurate. The side rearview mirrors are round as per the movie car (ERTL has rectangular ones), and the back of the internal rearview mirror is black as per the movie car (wheras ERTL's is silver). Also the AUTOart's door handles and key hole are correct, wheras the ERTL's are slightly different. But the ERTL wins out in the front and rear design of the car, because the AUTOart version has silver rims around the front lights (not on the movie car), and the word Mustang written accross the rear (again not on the movie car). The ERTL is free of those inaccuracies. There is one difference between the two models of which I am not sure which is right or wrong, and that is the dash board panelling. AUTOart's is tan coloured and ERTL's is black. It is hard to tell in the movie *exactly* which colour it is.

So there you go! Neither model is quite right. The AUTOart has a few more features than the ERTL, such as working door latches, and it is actually carpeted on the inside! It is approx $20.00 more expensive though...

See below for in depth analysis of individual models.

ERTL 1:18 ScaleERTL Mustang model
AUTOart 1:18 ScaleAUTOart Mustang model


ERTL offers a range of 1:18 models. First there is the regular prebuilt model, as discussed above, and pictured to the right. It has opening hood, trunk and doors, with a highly detailed interior, working steering and a detailed engine.

Then there is the build it yourself kit,as seen in the bottom right corner. It has opening hood, doors and trunk, and overall excellent detailing. The body is prepainted.

Then there is the new 'Dirty' Mustang, which is supposed to represent the car after Bullitt drives it through the dirt, as seen below. The models are approx 10 inch long.

Standard model still in protective seal ERTL Mustang model
'Dirty' Mustang side viewERTL 'Dirty Stang' Mustang model - Side View 'Dirty' Mustang rear viewERTL 'Dirty Stang' Mustang model - Rear View Kit ModelERTL Mustang model - KIT Version
AUTOart Mustang model - Front View AUTOart Mustang model - Side View AUTOart Mustang model - Opening Doors, Hood and Trunk

1:18 AUTOart

This car is incredible. It has opening doors, hood and trunk. The engine compartment is finely detailed, containing an accurate 390 engine with plug wires, coolant hoses, breather system, and manufacturer decal . Underneath it has realistic front brake discs, metal suspension, and American Racing wheels (with a spare tire in the trunk). Some even more minute details include a real metal mesh grille, chrome plated window trim and drip rails, working door latches, fabric seat belts with chrome metal buckles, and a fully carpeted interior. It is finished off with hand-rubbed paint.

Length 10.2 inches.

AUTOart Mustang model - American Racing Wheel
AUTOart Mustang model - Interior View AUTOart Mustang model - Engine View AUTOart Mustang model - Interior of Trunk