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Special Film & TV appearances

1. The Japanese Motorcycle ad (1971)
2. The 43rd Annual Academy Awards (1971)
3. The Ed Sullivan Show (1958, 1966 & 1968)
4. The Tonight Show (1964 & 1966)
5. What's My Line? (1966)
6. The Coming of the Roads (1966)
7. Christmas Seals ad (1965)
8. The 37th Annual Academy Awards (1965)
9. The 36th Annual Academy Awards (1964)
10. The Dick Powell Theatre (1963)
11. Here's Hollywood (1962)
12. It Could Be You (1960)
13. Kraft Music Hall (1960)
14. The Bob Hope Show (1960)
15. Jukebox Jury (1959)
16. Viceroy Cigarette ads (1958)
17. Family Affair (1952)

It Could Be You

It Could Be You was a game show hosted by Bill Leyden in which guests were called down from the audience and performed 'stunts' in order to win "the prize of their dreams". The show also featured friend and family reunions. Steve appeared on the show as a special guest during his Wanted: Dead or Alive TV days.
McQueen and Leyden
Here is an excerpt from the show:

Leyden: We've sometimes wondered whether an actor has any of the attributes of the character he plays... we're going to put our Guest Star to the test right now, as we have him meet two ladies from our audience... please come onstage when I call your names...
IT COULD BE YOU, Mrs Thelma Olsen!...
IT COULD BE YOU, Mrs Ginger Courter!...
Steve, as a bounty hunter, you have to be able to recognize people quickly and without making a mistake... We want to see whether you can recognize which of these ladies I am talking about as I tell a story about each of them... are you game?

McQueen: These don't look like the type of characters I'm used to dealing with.

Leyden: They may not be the type, but they're characters... Now one of them was parked with her husband-to-be at a romantic spot near Berkeley, California... It was broad daylight, but that didn't interfere with the, ah, romance... In fact they were so wrapped up in each other that they didn't even notice a sight-seeing bus drive up and park right next to them. Okay, Steve, which is our romantic lady?

McQueen: I think it's the one that's blushing.

Leyden: You're absolutely right!... It's Mrs Thelma Olson...

Script excerpt taken from the personal collection of Donna Redden