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Time Out for Ginger (1954)

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When the Member of the Wedding tour finished, Steve landed a new job in Chicago with the comedic play Time Out for Ginger.
The show starred Melvyn Douglas and Edith Atwater. Nancy Malone played the title character of Ginger. Steve played young 'Eddie Davis'.

The "Who's Who" on the Playbill for Steve read:
Steve McQueen (Eddie Davis) was born in Los Angeles and when he is not acting he races motorcycles. He prefers the stage which he considers only a little less hazardous. When questioned he said, "Well, motorcycles may break your bones but the theatre can break your heart."
McQueen, Douglas & Atwater
McQueen, Douglas & Atwater
A cocky young guy!
McQueen acts tough and cocky
From the playbill
The Playbill
All pictures from the personal collection of Donna Redden.