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General McQueen Collectables

Many of these items were found on ebay.

Browse the galleries below for detailed pictures and reviews.
Coffee Mugs
coffee mug featuring pic of virgil hilts jumping bike over fence
cufflinks featuring image of steve mcqueen
Coca Cola coaster
Coca Cola coaster
Ruler & Pen Set
ruler and pen featuring steve mcqueen's image
Trading Cards
Funfax Trading Card

and Matchbox

Zippo Lighter
Personal Cheque

Signed cheque
The Great Escape
CD Clock

clock featuring images of steve mcqueen from the great escape
Bullitt Watches
watch featuring image of steve mcqueen in mustang fastback
Movie Posters
Movie poster/lobby card featuring Steve McQueen and Tuesday Weld - from 'The Cincinnati Kid'
Creamer Lid
Creamer Lid