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Meeting of a lifetime for McQueen fan Christophe Morin
Major McQueen fan Christophe Morin got the surprise of his life recently when he attended an exhibition of paintings by artist Natacha Toutan which was dedicated to the famous French actor Alain Delon.

He was particularly surprised, because the exhibition was on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées in the restaurant "Le Fouquets," in Paris, not exactly where he would expect to "bump into" the wife af a major American movie star... but there she was, Neile McQueen, wife of his screen idol Steve McQueen!

Neile and Christophe in Paris
Neile and Christophe in Paris
Christophe was awestruck and managed to approach Neile and have a small conversation with her. And making the most of the moment he also had some pictures taken.

In his own words he said, "It was really an incredible opportunity and I will remember this experience forever!"

Neil also took the time to sign her autograph for Christophe.

Christophe is such a big fan that he created the French Steve McQueen website and you can see more pictures of himself and Neile, and also Alain Delon and Neile HERE

Neile's autograph to Christophe