Steve McQueen Online
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Steve McQueen was renowned for hardly ever giving his autograph.
Many people on ebay offer what are almost certainly FAKE signatures for sale.
This particular ebay seller, however, had what seemed to be a legitimate signature,
And a fascinating item...
His description says it all:

Steve McQueen Authentic Signed Check for $32,014

Written on McQueen/MacGraw Joint Bank Account Check

Authentic Steve McQueen autographs are extremely hard to come by. In my opinion, ninety percent of the McQueen autographs sold on ebay are fakes. Whether intentional or not, they're fakes. The problem is there's no real McQueen autograph expert out there. With Beatles autographs there's Frank Caiazzo. If this guy says your Beatles autographs are good -- then they're good. No question. Which brings me back to this particular Steve McQueen signature. It's written on a Wells Fargo Bank canceled check. This is an official legal document that just can't be faked. There are plenty of Marilyn Monroe and Walt Disney checks on ebay that go for $2,000 and up, but I've never seen a Steve McQueen check offered anywhere. And this is not just some casual check written to the electric company, it's a check for $32,014 written to a place called Automotive Classics. The October 1975 check is drawn from his joint account with Ali MacGraw. This is simply the most authentic McQueen autograph you'll ever see.