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Steve McQueen Trialmaster jacket (ISDT version)

In 2007, Belstaff, the Italian based (originally English) designer of upscale rugged wear and motorcycle gear, released the Steve McQueen Trialmaster jacket under a marketing campaign labeled the "Steve McQueen Celebration".

This particular 2007 McQueen Trialmaster is modeled after the jacket Steve wore at the International 6 Day Trials in East Germany in 1964 , but it should be noted that the jacket Steve wore in Germany was not a Belstaff but a Barbour. The reason Belstaff claims the honor of releasing this jacket under the McQueen name is because Steve actually wore a Belstaff Trialmaster jacket when biking.

This new Belstaff incarnation of McQueen's Six Day Trials jacket utilizes a new technology called PCM® which actually causes the jacket to modify its temperature in accordance with the wearer's own body-temperature changes (in other words it becomes warmer when the body temperature drops and cools itself when the body temperature rises).

Now that's pretty Cool!
The 2007 Belstaff Steve McQueen Trialmaster jacket
Belstaff Trialmaster jacket
Steve in a Barbour jacket at the 6 Day Trials
Steve in a Barbour jacket at the 6 Day Trials
Inside lining of the 2007 Belstaff Trialmaster jacket
Inside lining of the Belstaff Trialmaster jacket