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Special Auction of Barbara McQueen Brusnvold's 'Steve McQueen Collection' to be held Saturday 11th November 2006.

Barbara McQueen Brusnvold: For over 25 years I have held on to the many items that Steve collected over the years.
I know that there is a public who would love to own a piece of his collection, out of their love, admiration and respect for him.

McQueenOnline presents an exclusive with Marshall Terrill, who is personally involved in setting the auction up.
(full press release below interview)
Marshall Terrill Interview
MO: Marshall, Barbara McQueen Brunsvold has decided to sell many of her belongings relating to her relationship with Steve, and you are personally involved in helping her set the auction up. Can you tell me about your role in this?

Marshall: Legend of the Motorcycle, an annual bike auction in Half Moon Bay near San Francisco, was going to celebrate Steve's life at this year's event in May and wanted to honor Steve McQueen. They approached Barbara about lending some of her memorabilia for the event. The people at Legend have a relationship with Bonham's & Butterfield's, who asked Barbara outright if she wanted to sell off her items in a worldwide auction. My role has simply been to help Barbara get ready for the auction in an administrative manner - taking inventory, picking out photos for the catalogue, looking over the contract, providing information to the auctioneer, etc. I was basically her male secretary for a few months and she loved every minute of it!

MO: What has brought Barbara to the decision to have this major sale and part with these belongings?

Marshall: Barbara has been going through a transitional period in her life the past few years where she's finally dealing with Steve McQueen's death. I believe that getting rid of these possessions is part of that process. So is the fact that she's finally watching his movies, talking to old friends, and speaking to me about an upcoming picture book with passages and photo exhibition we've been planning for the past six months. Both are tentatively titled, Steve McQueen: The Last Mile. The book will come out some time in 2007 and I'm in the process now of planning photo exhibitions in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, New York, London, Paris, Tokyo and yes - Australia! The first photo exhibit will be held at the internationally recognized San Francisco Art Exchange in spring 2007. (Editorial Note - more information on the International Photo Exhibition coming to this website soon!)

MO: This auction has a strong ‘motoring’ theme, being held at the Petersen Auto Museum, and featuring Steve’s truck and motorcycles, but it is more diverse than that in terms of what is being sold…

Marshall: Some very cool personal items will be sold at this auction. The big ticket items includes a rare 1955 GMC Suburban truck, three motorcycles, a knife inscribed to Steve from artist Von Dutch, credit cards, a luggage tag, toys, Solar Productions letterhead, a cash register that says, "McQueen's grocery," a 1979 telegram from McQueen to Patrick Wayne to console him on the death of his father, John Wayne, an oil lamp he used in An Enemy of the People, his foldaway Persol sunglasses from The Thomas Crown Affair, his riding chaps and hackamore from Tom Horn and many of his personal possessions. If you are a true Steve McQueen fan, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to buy something that personally belonged to him. I guarantee you won't get a chance to buy, much less look at these items ever again.

MO: Do you have any idea/estimate what sort of profit this auction will generate?

Marshall: I have an idea, but I'd rather not say. I have told Barbara what I think it will generate. Let's just say I hope I'm right and that it will be worth Barbara's while. I'm hopeful it will be.

MO: Auction catalogs that will also feature never before seen images of Steve will be available in August. Can you tell us more about this?

Marshall: I believe 18 images that Barbara McQueen took (which will be used in our upcoming photo book) will be featured in the auction booklet as well as other images Bonham’s & Butterfields will use from the past. They feature Steve in his later years. The catalogues will sell for $50 (softback) and $100 (hardback) and will also double as an entry ticket. Those contemplating coming to the auction won’t be able to get in unless they have bought a book.

MO: Will you personally be bidding on any items, or perhaps you have made a pre-auction offer on something?

Marshall: No, I will not be bidding on any items nor have I made a pre-auction offer. I saw all of these items many times, helped take inventory on them and held them in my hands. That's enough for me.

MO: Do you currently have anything in your own private collection which belonged to Steve? If so, what is your most treasured item?

Marshall: I have a lot of cool items, but nothing that ever personally belonged to Steve McQueen. My most valuable item is an autographed song sheet from The Thomas Crown Affair, which is signed by both Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. But what I treasure most is the friendship I've forged with Barbara McQueen and her husband David Brunsvold, who is quite a character himself. It can't be easy to live in Steve's shadow, but David is his own man. He has been great about letting Barbara talk about her time with Steve McQueen to me. If he weren't so understanding about all of this, I doubt Barbara would have ever held the auction or ever spoken publicly about Steve. We have David to thank for all of this.

MO: Thanks Marshall

Marshall: As always Darren, my sincere pleasure.
Press Release
Steve McQueen Collection to be sold by Bonhams & Butterfields in November.

More information

Auction action at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles
Saturday 11th November 2006
Steve McQueen outside the Junior Boys Republic Reform School in Chino. Copyright: Getty Images.
Bonhams & Butterfields is proud to have been a sponsor of this past weekend's Legend of the Motorcycle International Concours d'Elegance, and the leading West Coast auction house considered it no more fitting a time to announce the sale of the Steve McQueen Collection. Collectors, fans and biking enthusiasts are sure to agree that McQueen was a true American motoring legend.

Bonhams & Butterfields is honored to be appointed by Barbara McQueen Brunsvold to present for sale at auction hundreds of personal effects belonging to the utterly charismatic, much-loved and much-missed 20th Century icon Steve McQueen.

The sale, set to take place Saturday November 11th at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, will feature Steve McQueen's personal collection including motorcycles, and motorcycle clothing including his Belstaff jacket and padded motorcycle sweatshirts.

The auction will also feature tinplate toys from the movie The Hunter together with guns, saddles, and other movie props from Tom Horn.

In addition to clothes and tinplate toys, the sale will feature a vast array of motoring memorabilia including enamel advertising signs, petrol pumps, and sale brochures many for Indian Motorcycles a marque that Steve adored so passionately.

Steve's truck bearing the license plate number MCQ3188, a reference to the time he spent at the Junior Boys Republic Reform School in Chino as a teenager will be offered, as will a pair of his Persol foldaway sunglasses made famous by Steve in the movie The Thomas Crown Affair and in countless images in the many books about 'The King of Cool'.

The personal effects offered at this sale have never previously been exhibited and therefore represent a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity to own a part of the McQueen Legend.

The great man's widow, Barbara McQueen Brunsvold, says:
"For over 25 years I have held on to the many items that Steve collected over the years. I know that there is a public who would love to own a piece of his collection, out of their love, admiration and respect for him, and so I am pleased to have Bonhams & Butterfields represent me in this sale."

"Bonhams & Butterfields is both honored and excited to be appointed by Barbara to offer for sale so many of Steve McQueen's personal effects so reflective of his passion for collecting. 25 years after his premature death, Steve's persona remains ever-present in the motoring world. Whether on a billboard in Times Square promoting a Ford Mustang, or on a page of a magazine advertising a TAG Heuer wristwatch, his legend is as important and relevant today as it was in his heyday as one of Hollywood's most charismatic and maverick stars" said Mark Osborne, Motoring Department Head and Specialist-in-charge.

This sale offers Steve McQueen's worldwide legion of fans the opportunity to take part in a truly historic sale with the chance to own part of his very personal collection, perhaps a credit card or a knife inscribed by his friend Von Dutch.

Sale catalogs that will feature never before seen images of McQueen will be available beginning in August. Bonhams & Butterfields will donate 50% of the proceeds from catalog sales to the 'Make a Wish' Foundation, a charity that Steve supported during his lifetime.

Softbound Catalogs - $50
Hardbound Catalogs (Limited Edition) - $100

Details on this and other Bonhams auctions are available on
A dedicated website with news of this special auction will be at, updated regularly as the sale date approaches.

The Estate of Steve McQueen is neither a participant nor sponsor of this sale.