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Steve McQueen: A Tribute to the King of Cool
By Marshall Terrill

Photo-Book 384 pages
Large Format Page Size: 30cm x 23cm
Steve McQueen: A Tribute to the King of Cool is a very special book indeed. Its author, the multi-talented Marshall Terrill, has achieved two landmarks in the literature of Steve McQueen - his first was the definitive 1993 biography - Steve McQueen: Portrait of an American Rebel and now this, Tribute, which is an equally ground-breaking publication for different reasons. The book itself is a beautiful illustrated set of around 200 personal accounts of Steve McQueen from friends and fans alike. Each offers a unique and personal view, some profound, some anecdotal, and each with excellent photos. The overall effect is amazing, and like a mosaic the book builds up into fragmented yet all-encompassing picture of a complex and enigmatic man.

Terrill has secured interviews with some of Hollywood 's greatest legends as well as those extremely close to McQueen including friends and family. These are the people that knew him first hand and offer a genuine insight into his persona. Their open and honest accounts alternate between touching, thoughtful, exciting and often very funny – just like McQueen himself. Terrill has worked wonders in getting his interviewees to open up to such an extent and offer their views about a man they held very close to their hearts. Every aspect of McQueen’s life is documented in phantasmagorical detail - his birth, his childhood, his break into Hollywood , his films, his women, his ego, his passion for fast cars.

What stands out most perhaps are the interviews from the normal people outside of Hollywood, from the McQueen inner circle, and from the fans. These are the people who are keeping McQueen's memory alive today and they are well represented from around the globe, underscoring the impact of this cultural icon today.

It must be said that this book represents excellent value. The book totals approx 400 pages with over 600 photos. You effectively get access to a time capsule of an icon, full of images and stories you would otherwise never have seen or heard of. Even the most die hard McQueen fan will see and read things they never knew. Whilst those who want a slice of Hollywood will be mesmerized. This book will appeal to film fans and not just those who are fans of McQueen, though it is certain to win him new admirers. The majority of the images are candid and superb shots of the star at his most vulnerable, contrasted against images of McQueen the movie star, playing up for the camera. The research and work that has gone into this book is second to none. The presentation is first class too with an excellent dust jacket and hardback binding with thick heavy weight and high quality paper that makes you feel as though you are holding something very special in your hands. Rarely does a book live up to its subject matter. Steve McQueen: Tribute to the King of Cool is the exception. Terrill has captured the McQueen zeitgeist in all its glory.

Reviewed by Andrew Antoniades.

The book has been published in two versions. The Special Edition is limited to 2000 numbered copies signed by both Marshall Terrill and Barbara McQueen. It includes a CD of a recording of a lecture given by Steve McQueen at Loyola Marymount University in 1978, where he talked about the making of An Enemy of the People, and afterwards took questions from the audience.