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An Enemy Of The People

An Enemy of the People is available on DVD.
It is presented in it's original 1.85:1 aspect ratio on a 16x9 enhanced disk, and features the film's original trailer.

The Story
McQueen as Dr Thomas Stockmann Based on a play written by Norwegian Henrik Ibsen, An Enemy of the People tells the story of a naive and honest doctor's fight to save the people of the small town he lives in from slow death caused by a polluted water system which is also poisoning the town's lucrative tourist springs. He must battle the money minded people who run the town, as they attempt to silence his voice.

Enemy has been presented much as it would have been on stage, and you should watch it as though you were watching a live theatre production. This is part of the beauty and courage of the film.

The Studio was against it
This film recieved only limited release before Warner Brothers withdrew it from circulation. The reasons were a mixture of financial and image concerns. They felt that the film would be unsuccessful and that the McQueen image was not properly suited to this type of production. They did not even have the confidence to market it on its own strengths, such as in the case of the US Movie poster campaign, which utilized images from previous McQueen films surrounding one image of his character from Enemy. The film fared better in the Japanese and UK poster campaigns, where the film was allowed to stand alone.
US OneSheet movie poster.
US One Sheet Movie Poster
Japanese movie poster.
Japanese Movie Poster
Steve McQueen himself fought hard for the success Enemy, touring it through Universities and even doing public talks on the film to students. His efforts proved noble but ultimately unsuccessful at the time. However with the advent of VHS tapes it was finally released for viewers to watch at home, was given occasional TV showings, and eventually recieved a DVD release in 2009.
Is it any good?
Bibi Andersson as Catherine Stockmann 
and Steve McQueen as Dr Thomas Stockmann And so the ultimate question is asked... Is Enemy any good?

I will start by saying that Enemy is vastly better in it's correct widescreen presentation, which captures a much more intimate emotional presence than the pan and scan version can achieve.

If you are looking for the McQueen of the blockbuster movie vein, then you might be dissapointed. Steve is wearing granny glasses and a large beard. If you don't enjoy 'intimate' stage plays you will probably be dissapointed. There are no big screen style action scenes, or special effects.

Enemy is a good effort at transferring a stage play to film, but not a great success. McQueen's performance is good, and that of the support cast ranges from good to excellent.

A two minute clip from the film can be viewed *HERE*