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1961 Austin, Mini Cooper S

Steve 1961 Austin, Mini Cooper
Photo courtesy of Brian Mayfield.
Specially designed as a high performance vehicle by race car builder John Cooper, and introduced to the market in 1961, the Mini Cooper was an instant success in the rally racing world. Steve used his to get around town in.

Upon purchasing it he had it painted brown (a favourite car color of his), and a large sunroof was also installed to give it a sporty look. Because he didn't like the radio antenna in his field of vision while driving he had that moved into a recess in the right rear fender. Another unique McQueen touch was to have a fog light mounted on the front bumper bar. All of this work was done by his friend Lee Brown, who presently (2006) owns the car. In addition to the above Steve also had the interior customized by upholsterer Tony Nancy.

The car has been maintained in its original (although used) condition, still possessing its McQueen modifications. A restoration is in the works.