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27th of December 2007
Bullitt to be added to the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress
11th of December 2007
Steve McQueen's racing helmet up for auction on December 19th
14th of November 2007
Watch Ford's new video promo for the 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt
11th of November 2007
Steve McQueen auction brings in top dollars
8th of November 2007
First Test Run report on the 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt
27th of October 2007
Barbara McQueen at Nashville’s Striped Door Gallery with her Steve McQueen: The Last Mile Exhibit
19th of October 2007
Steve McQueen's motorbikes, leather flight jacket and rifle up for auction on Nov 10th
9th of October 2007
McQueen's motorcyle muse and close friend Bud Ekins passes away
7th of October 2007
Steve McQueen’s 1967 Triumph Bonneville sells for US $100 000
1st of October 2007
McQueen's Machines book signing to be held Nov 3rd & 17th
17th of September 2007
Steve McQueen’s 1967 Triumph Bonneville motorcycle up for auction on October 7th
16th of September 2007
My Husband, My Friend movie adaption moving forward
16th of August 2007
McQueen's Ferrari sells for 2.31 million dollars at auction
31st of July 2007
Barbara McQueen photo exhibit in Carmel, California - August 14
18th of July 2007
Read Cinema Retro's report on "Blob Fest" 2007
11th of July 2007
Bullitt remake rumours confirmed as fact
8th of June 2007
New DVD release - An American Rebel: Steve McQueen
31st of May 2007
Steve McQueen photo exhibit arrives in England on June 13
27th of April 2007
Steve McQueen's 1963 Ferrari Lusso up for auction
26th of April 2007
New Book McQueen's Machines: The Cars and Bikes of a Hollywood Icon due out Nov 2007
6th of April 2007
Steve McQueen photo exhibit at San Francisco Art Exchange on May 5
15th of March 2007
Original uncut 196 minute "roadshow" version of The Sand Pebbles to be released June 05, 2007
1st of March 2007
Barbara McQueen invades the East Coast
20th of February 2007
World Premiere of new Documentary An American Rebel: Steve McQueen - March 17, 2007
7th of February 2007
Bullitt and The Getaway coming to HD DVD and Blu-ray on the 27th February 2007
18th of January 2007
Steve McQueen voted most iconic biker of all time
16th of January 2007
Celebrate Steve McQueen Days - March 24 & 25, 2007
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