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1963 Ford Galaxie
Disclaimer: I originally discovered this model box on ebay, but I have since been informed by someone who is an educator in the cast metal field that it was created by an enterprising graphic artist who does “fake” model kit boxes for many movie and TV cars.... Still, I have left it up as it is nonetheless a VERY impressive effort!
Box Box
This is the Box Artwork from the AMT 1:25 Scale Model release of the 1963 Ford Galaxie that Steve McQueen drove in The Getaway.

These "assemble it yourself" AMT releases are unique in that you could "customize" the car (with a choice of optional parts), and this particular kit is even more unique in that you could build either the car which Steve drove OR the police car which chases his character Doc McCoy. So ideally I guess you would have bought two kits and built both!

This is a very rare item, no doubt because it is one of the lesser known McQueen movie cars.
Box Box