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Lot No: 178 at the 2006 Steve McQueen sale held at The Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles, California.

1958 GMC Pickup Truck
1958 GMC Pickup Truck Chassis no. 1018CS1318A

This GMC Pickup Truck is a 101-Series, half-ton model on the 114”-wheelbase chassis, fitted with the 336cu in (5,508cc) V8 engine. Wonderfully flamboyant, its over-the-top styling reflecting the passenger car trends of the period, the 101-8 offered the best power-to-weight ratio of the entire GMC range. No wonder it appealed to Steve McQueen!

Steve kept this truck as part of his private collection of ten cars garaged at The Beverley Wilshire hotel during the time that he lived there. Described by Barbara McQueen as ‘Steve’s Baby’, it was his favorite of the ten, benefiting from the ‘McQueen’ treatment under the hood and hotted-up to be a veritable ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’. Steve regularly used this truck in and around Beverley Hills. It bears the registration number ‘3188’ - a reference to his identification number while a student at the Junior Boys Republic Reform School in Chino, California.
1958 GMC Pickup Truck 1958 GMC Pickup Truck The importance of this connection cannot be over emphasized. The youthful Steve was a troublemaker, getting arrested twice for petty theft before his exasperated mother finally sent him to Boys Republic, an institution that emphasized hard work with the goal of restoring self respect to its young inmates. Steve readily acknowledged that his time at Boys Republic turned his life around, and throughout his career he regularly visited that institution, donating money and helping in countless other ways, including creating the Steve McQueen Scholarship fund for the Republic’s best student. Needless to say, Boys Republic was a beneficiary of his will, receiving $200,000. No doubt Steve chose his truck’s registration as a mark of gratitude to Boys Republic and a reminder that although he had risen to the very top, his life had once sunk perilously close to the bottom.

Without doubt this GMC Pickup was one of his most treasured vehicles.

Estimate: $40,000 - 60,000

Sold for $110,000 plus Premium and tax.
1958 GMC Pickup Truck
Pictures and Text Courtesy Bonhams & Butterfields: