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1952 Chevrolet Pickup with Camper

Steve's 1952 Chevrolet Pickup with Camper was auctioned off at Las Vegas' Imperial Palace in 1984 as part of his estate auction. Steve owned the vehicle whilst living at his Santa Paula ranch in the late 70's through to his death in 1980, using it for cross country camping trips, and a partial view of it can be seen in the Santa Paula barn in a photo from Grady Ragsdale's biography Steve McQueen: The Final Chapter.

The vehicle now (2010) belongs to Richard Pearson, who has had it for 15 years. Richard came across the truck and camper in a used car lot in Perris ,CA. The seller was not the person who bought it from the auction, but claimed to be a friend of the auction winner.
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at the 1984 Estate Auction

Chevrolet Pick-Up Truck
To the best of Richard's knowledge the pickup and camper are in completely original condition as owned by Steve, except for a tire change.
A recent photograph of the Chevy Pickup and Camper
Chevrolet Pick-Up Truck