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Lot No: 176 at the 2006 Steve McQueen sale held at The Petersen Automotive Museum, Los Angeles, California.

c.1934 Indian Sport Scout
c.1934 Indian Sport Scout Engine no. 0279

A smaller Indian v-twin model, the 37cu in (600cc) Scout, joined the existing 61cu in (1,000cc) Powerplus twin in 1920, soon gaining a deserved reputation for durability; so much so that ‘You can’t wear out an Indian Scout’ became its advertising slogan. Contributing to this longevity was the use of gears for the primary drive rather than the customary chain, and this unusual feature would endure until 1933. A 45 cu in (750cc) variant was first offered in 1927 and then in April 1928 the 101 Scout appeared featuring a revised 750cc ‘flat head’ engine in a new, longer-wheelbase frame. This sporting machine would prove an immense success for the Springfield firm, so much so that its replacement in 1931 by a heavier Chief-framed model was greeted with dismay. Introduced in 1934, the Sport Scout went some way towards retrieving the Scout’s reputation, featuring a lighter ‘keystone’ (open) frame and European-style girder forks. Lighter and faster than its immediate predecessor, the Sport Scout was just what enthusiasts and racers had been crying out for.
c.1934 Indian Sport Scout Indian was Steve McQueen’s most favored marque and, as a serious collector, he could not be without an example of one of Indian’s most successful models of the 1930s, the Sport Scout.

Estimate: $15,000 - 20,000.

Sold for $155,000 plus Premium and tax.
c.1934 Indian Sport Scout
Pictures and Text Courtesy Bonhams & Butterfields: