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A 1930 Pitcairn PA-8 Mailwing owned by Steve McQueen.

In 1927, after Harold Pitcairn won the U.S. Postal Service contract to carry the overnight mail between New York and Atlanta, he and co-developer Agnew Larsen designed the Mailwing series of planes.

The Mailwing was a light and sturdy plane that was specifically designed to carry the light loads required by the air mail route at that time. Pilots loved the Mailwing series because it was reliable and easy to handle. It's sturdy construction meant that even when crashed, the pilot would often walk away unharmed.

Only 6 PA-8 Mailwings were ever built, and at the time Steve owned his, it was the only PA-8 in flying condition.

Pitcairn PA-8 Mailwing
Photo by Barbara McQueen